Musical Experience Streaming Evolution 2021 Fase I.

desarrollo de marca

When will the change take place?

In the last quarter of the year 2021.

How will Musical Experience Streaming work?

It is the reproduction of our music channels with their songs via the internet, where our clients will access a WEB interface through a device (PC, Cellular, Tablet or other) without having to download.

How much will the change cost the customer?

Musicar will assume the total investment cost, therefore our clients do not pay any additional value.

Will the value of the periodic service fee change?

No, the value of the service will be the same.

Is there something new in the Musical Experience service?

Yes, it will have new features to have a better service experience:

  • Access to the entire portfolio of Musical Experience channels, with the possibility of adding custom channels and Voice Experience audio messages, connection between speakers via WiFi without the need for a wired network.
  • Through a single internet connection, the same music channel or different music channels can be transmitted in addition to independent volume control. That is, for example in an area listen to classical music and other POP music. As long as a local area network is available.
  • Redundant system for the reproduction of the content through local storage, in case of connection failure, it will not affect the service.
  • The WEB interface allows you to manage turn on, turn off, monitor 24/7, validate whether the service is connected or not, control the volume, change the channel in a certain area, among other functionalities from any device with internet access.

Could the change affect my brand?

Nothing, on the contrary the new Musical Experience via streaming offers you new functionalities that were not available with the satellite service.

How many music channels will be enabled?

They will be the same offered in the satellite service.

What is needed from the client for the change?

Musicar will be in charge of carrying out the migration in a comprehensive manner. For this, you will define a schedule and will contact each of your clients well in advance, defining the details of the migration.

For clients with music and audio messages, will the audio message service be affected?

No, the audio message service will not be affected. It is only required to change the satellite decoder for the new streaming decoder.

Can I continue with the satellite service?

No, the satellite service will work until December 31, 2021.


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